Regardless of whether you have just started playing online blackjack or you are an advanced player who makes a cool living out of it, the number one thing to remember is that you need to know the rules of the game very well in order to win. Considering the numerous variations from the traditional game of blackjack, not knowing the rules of the game is a surefire way to end up broke and disappointed. It is important to note that winning at blackjack does not exclusively imply mastering card counting techniques or cheating, but is also based on following some simple guidelines that you too can easily put into practice. Let’s elaborate.

1. Don’t rely too much on Lady Luck

Granted, respecting rules and being way too serious about blackjack is never a good idea especially since this game is also about having a bit of fun. However, if you want to win then you need to learn to differentiate between having a little luck with a wild hand and following a strategy that could earn you profit in the long run. In other words, beating the dealer – as in the end blackjack can be resumed to that – implies learning strategies as well as how to use them to your advantage. On a side note, because there are numerous techniques and strategies out there for almost all situations, keep in mind that mastering blackjack cannot be done overnight.

2. Do your homework and keep updated with the strategies

In spite of the fact that professional gamblers have written many books and guides on how to win at blackjack, let’s not forget that the first rule of success is not to reveal everything you know. Nonetheless, there are still many blog posts and guides on the internet where professionals divulge some of their tips, tricks and even an overview of the strategies they are currently employing. Even though there is no secret formula, you can read all these useful information to expand your horizons, learn more about the various options you have and try out new things. Who knows, maybe some of these tricks might be suitable for your play style.

3. Establish a limit for your stop-loss target

If you are serious about playing blackjack, then you should be aware that losing is part of the game. In fact, you will be losing more money than winning in the beginning. However, in order to make sure that things don’t get out of hand and you end up broke, it would be wise to establish low/high limits and call it a day, irrespective of how well or on the contrary, badly you are performing.

4. Don’t fall in the trap of even money odds

While numerous players perceive even money odds as a safe way to play blackjack, it is necessary to highlight that this strategy will limit your number of wins and hence, you will gradually lose money in the long run. Since the cash you can win from placing these bets is much lower than you invest, you will be better off risking a little bit from time to time.

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